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Hunter Martinez

Hunter Martinez is a 24-year-old filmmaker from Los Angeles, and “Lost In Thought” is his first full-length release. Two things about the film immediately stand out. The first is that it’s an actual film. At just shy of 40-minutes, it’s a rare long-form release in an internet full of web clips and Instagram edits. The second, and more impressive, thing is that it came about without any brand funding. It’s not a team edit. And it doesn’t have a presenting sponsor... CLICK HERE TO READ MORE AT SURFER.COM

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Weekend Adventure #22

Big Bear. Steaks over the coals and a wood burning fireplace. We set up in an Air Bnb for the weekend and rented a boat and fishing rods. Took the Jeep off-roading and played board games all night.  Playlist: Whiskey Ridge Chalet 

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Zaca Ridge

 Hour drive from Los Angeles - Secluded camping under the stars. I was looking for a last minute adventure out of LA and found this epic view.  Easy backpacking trip for one night, no permits needed, less than 3.5 hours from LA, and secluded....123

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